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Company Outline
Our Motto is“Trust”. We think that it is important to supply the most ideal technology to customers.
Company Outline
■Business Registration Number GRACE TRADING CORP.
■Address Grace Nagahori 1101,
1-11-6, Shimanouchi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 542-0082, Japan
■Telephone No. 06 - 6245 - 7659
■FAX No. 06 - 6252 - 6869
■Items of Business Import and Export of Semiconductor and electronic components and home sales
■Foundation April 1st,1985
■Capital \10,000,000
■Chief executive officer(CEO) Keiichiro Shigeyoshi
■Major Handling Items IC,Transistor,Diode,LED,Sensor,LCD,Printer head,Resistance,Condenser,Battery,Connector
■Major Handling Makers ・Rohm Co., Ltd.  ・Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.  ・NEC Corporation
・Mitsubishi Electric Corporation  ・ Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
・Hitachi, Ltd.  ・Fujitsu Ltd.  ・TDK Corporation
・Fuji Electric Holdings Co., ltd.  ・Rubycon Corporation  
・Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  ・Omron Corporation
・Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.  ・Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation
・Kodenshi Corp.  ・ CKD corporation  ・ Toshiba Corporation  
・Toshiba Battery  ・Hosiden Corporation  ・APS
■Major Trading Banks Shinsaibashi Branch of Mizuho Bank
■Associated companies Key tec
(Electronic goods ,Electronic circuit design and manufacture)
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